Sunday, October 17, 2010

Basketry how-to websites

Some people have expressed an interest in weaving. Here are a few websites to get you started. Feel free to email me a question, or suggestion.

The Language of Native American Baskets from the Weavers View
In earlier days, baskets accompanied Indian people throughout their lives. Babies were carried in baskets, meals were prepared and cooked in them, worldly goods were stored in them, and people were buried in them.

Basketry Maker's Tips and Techniques, How to's
Basketry Tips & Techniques on things like weave patterns, basket materials harvesting & preparation, making coiled baskets, chip carving a gourd, cordage instructions, adding handles, making stitched birch bark containers and much more.

Northwest Coast Basketry
Basketry has been practiced for thousands of years by Native peoples of North America.  It is an art form which often combines both utilitarian and aesthetic qualities.  Baskets are made for a variety of purposes, including food gathering and storage, furnishings, garments and ceremonial uses.  Basketry can transmit important artistic knowledge and cultural traditions.

Weaving a Life!
Weaving a Life speaks to the human spirit as we explore with our hands those connections our inner values have with our daily actions, both in our spiritual life and with our world community. Weaving unites the human heart and hand in an unspoken language of pattern and symbol.