Want to learn how to weave?

If you have a spare room in Vancouver, BC and 10 eager weavers,  for $50/hour (min $150) per evening (2-3 hours) plus supplies for pre-cut bark,  I’ll get you started. Please share.


Cedar Bark Weaving Projects
for beginners to learn from and create
(learning is a process and is refined as one weaves more often)
photos included with approximate time to complete:

Square 4" base basket 8-9hrs

Spider baskets 1" base 3hrs

Small 3" roundbase Basket 6hrs

Reindeer Ornament 1hr

Friendship bracelet 1hr

Braided Headbands 4hrs

Bracelets 3hrs

 Northwest Coast Cedar Bark Hat 30-35hrs

 Check this Facebook group for more weaving ideas.